• B-17 Triangle J

  • Restored B-17 Bomber in Flight

    The CAF Gulf Coast Wing has one of only eleven fully restored airworthy flying B-17’s.  The Texas Raiders B-17 can be seen at many air shows during the year.  If you want to experience flying in a B-17, you can do that too. 

  • Flying Over the North Pole

    It was customary for airmen that flew over the Arctic Circle to receive a certificate.  It was honorary and humorous at the same time. This certificate is signed by Major General Lyman P. Whitten.

It’s Gonna Be a Long Day

Each morning the officers and crew would get up at 4:00 AM.  They would dress and make their way over to the mess tent for coffee and breakfast.  At 5:30 AM the officers would assemble in the headquarters building for a briefing on the targets and sorties for the day.  Aircraft would be taking off […]

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The Officer’s Lounge

At the Polebrook Air Force Base there was an officer’s lounge.  That’s not unusual for an air force base.  But, there was an interesting tradition at the Polebrook officer’s lounge.  The lounge had a long wooden bar.  The men would stand up at the wooden bar and drink and talk loudly telling stories and laughing […]

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Special Orders

My father saved many of the military orders that he received during his time in the Air Force.  I’m not sure why he saved them, but he began saving them and never stopped.  Each order has many names of other Air Force personnel.  I’ve decided to put the names in a database so that family […]

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